Introducing PabloEscobar Finance

PabloEsobar is almost here, make sure you don’t miss out on your next favourite Binance smart-chain coin, check us out at and join us on our Telegram channel we’ll be glad to answer all your questions


PabloEscobar Finance is a powerful DeFi ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain that wants to revolutionize the growing BSC sector by providing all in one solution for everyone.
We are aiming to create a solid competitor to Ethereum Financial products and want to be an integral part of Binance SmartChain Ecosystem.

Buyback and Burn (“BaB”) mechanism will be the core component of PabloEscobar ecosystem. All products will have BaB mechanisms implemented.

3 steps launch : private presale (whitelist), public presale and public sale

The presale will start with a price of 11,500 $ESCO= 1 BNB and will be limited to 644,000 $ESCO (equivalent to 56 BNB).

Obviously there will be no “migrator”, so no “rug pull” !


How does TRPC work?
PabloEscobar is contributing to the liquidity pools of PancakeSwap, $ESCO tokens are more than just a way to farm.
When a wallet deposits a LP token into a farm, the ESCO smart Contract will delegate these tokens to the PanCakeSwap LP.
By introducing ‘dynamic pooling’, we can stimulate ‘liquidity incentivisation’. In less fancy buzzwords: Based on community input we can increase or decrease the rewards multiplier.

How will COKE be released ?
The presale will be limited to 50,000 $ESCO (equivalent to 100 BNB).
$ESCO tokens will then be gradually released to liquidity pools according to their respective reward multiplier (e.g. 2x , 5x , etc).
An initial amount of 100,000 $ESCO will be minted at the deployment of the contracts to the fees wallet. These tokens will be used to provide liquidity to liquidity pools. When the fees wallet has been rewarded 50,000 $ESCO, these tokens will be burned, to compensate for the initial mint and create a fair launch.


Liquidity Pools will have $ESCO rewards and among those the reward multiplier for each will vary, typically based on the value they provide to PabloEscobar holders.
The COKE-BNB pool will earn at least 20x rewards compared to other pools.

The initial set of Liquidity Pools are as below :
→💰 BNB — DOT
→💰 BNB — LTC
→💰 BNB — ADA




ESCO is one of the most promising DeFi app on the binance smart chain – Reach us at

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ESCO is one of the most promising DeFi app on the binance smart chain – Reach us at

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